Fish Pumps

 Aquaservice S.A is the manufacturer of pumps model AQUA, for more than 20 years we are specialized in the development and design of transferring pumps for all kind of fishes and crustaceans such as salmon, trout, tilapia, shrimp, or any other kind of species breeding of aquiculture farm.
Pumps are designed to transfer on long distances or to set up a harvesting or transferring centre in a permanent way because AQUA pumps causes no damage on fishes and can be set up and used easily at any farming centre or geographic zone. Aquaservice S.A offers special solutions, according to requirements, including consulting and personalised design, for both pumps and accessories. Our machines are exported to different worldwide countries with personalised consultancy.


Shrimp Harvester

 Aquaservice S.A offers to the shrimp farm, an efficient harvester, which gives speedy in the process, we have made a complete system which includes a wheeled transport carriage,a fish pump (from an our production) with hydraulic pack diesel motor, hoses and water drainer used to separate shrimps that go directly to the transport bins. We produce the harvester that you required.



Fish Sorters

 Aquaservice S.A provides to the market a line of fish sorters, with big comparative advantages with the stainless steel fabrication, besides the finishes and design focused on productive tasks of aquaculture market. Our models enable a quickly, efficiently and save size classification of fishes such as salmon, trout, tilapia, Pacu fish, Lubina (sea bass), Besugo (red snapper).



Ultraviolet Light Filters



Hydraulics Packs

 Aquaservice S.A fabricates to active its pump, sorters and winches, a wide range of Hydraulic packs, the design is calculated according to the applications and clients requiremets. Within the range we fabricate units with diesel motors, electric motors and benzene each with power from 5 H.P to 200 H.P.


Fish counters

 Aquaservice S.A, fish counters provides to the market a last generation equipment, which enables a fast and automatic counting of all fishes that go through the active sensors, for a bigger accuracy the machine allows to select the fish sizes that will be counted. Besides it generates an audible alarm and a screen value acknowledgment whenever the required amount is reach, settled up beforehand. Touch screen technology HMI (Human Machine Interface).


Harvester, vaccination and counter tables

 Aquaservice S.A, fabricates for aquaculture industry harvester and vaccinates tables, with sedation system incorporated, we also have four channel counter table ready for the installation of sensor in “V” form. Our workshop fabricates according to approved designs by our clients, stainless steel tables and or P.R.F.V glass fibre. We have a wide range of models.


Load towers

 Aquaservice S.A, has installed over the region fish load towers. Implementing towers on floating platforms for fish transportation, loading dock for trucks and fish fingerlings and smolts boats. We fabricate galvanised steel structures calculated to support hard work and bad weather conditions.
We implement pumping and fish counting systems on load towers, according to of our clients specifications.


Sedation vats

 Aquaservice S.A, implements for fish vaccination and harvest process, a system of sedation with CO2 and or anesthesia.
It enables to dose en a save form the fish sedation during vaccination or gills cut. Our equipment is made of stainless steel with electric or hydraulic association; its capacities vary according to the clients’ requirement.





 Aquaservice S.A, fabricates naval artefacts, among these we have manufactured different multipurpose platforms, and some of their applications are:

  • Harvest salmon chore.
  • Fishes Selection and classification.
  • Complete vaccination platform with all implements.
  • Fishing nets gathering in breeding centres.
  • Platforms with fish loader towers.
  • Cellar to gather for food and supplies.
  • Motorized platforms for Mytilids farming.

All platforms are built with the application of naval engineering; we get the optimum in quality and prices, turnkey system.


Salmon cages

 Aquaservice S.A, started its activities in May 1995 with the manufactured of fish pumps, machines and equipment for aquiculture industry, since then we have continued introducing new plastics products like rounded and squared salmon cages.
We have a metal-mechanic area which enables us to offer metallic salmon cages of a high structural quality. We have incorporated the latest technology to the plastic welding, HDPE and steel.
For our work, we have certified welder to cover any clients’ needs, supported by an engineering staff.
We have participated in big engineering projects in the south of Chile, which enable us to compete in the market.


Floating docks and marinas

 Aquaservice S.A, designs and executes projects for marinas and floating docks, shipping docks and mooring vessels of different draft.
We work absolutely personalised, and we adapted to our clients’ needs such in previous decisions, design and also the useful life of finished work.
We work with the shape and measure that our customers require. We have built marinas and floating docks with high quality finishing.

  • Floating Corridors and platforms mounted on HDPE thermofused structures, covered with impregnated woods like pine oregon of great durability.
  • Anchoring with concrete dead weight and chains
  • Hammered steel piles with mechanical hammer
  • Walkways made of Hot dip galvanized steel
  • Wide variety of flotation and resistance capabilities.
  • Turnkey project


Air Lift system/ Mortality-harvest-selection

 Aquaservice S.A, was the first company designing and implementing the AIR LIFT line. We installed in Marine Harvest, Chile, Alao center the first systems of mortality extraction in Chile. These systems are still in our products line. Within our AIR LIFT system we also fabricate “JOTAS” for AIR LIFT pumps for harvesting and fish selection, allowing the transferring of fish fast and free of any damages from cages to harvesting systems or selection. We deliver complete turnkey systems.


Pipelines/ HDPE Piping/ Hoses

 Aquaservice S.A has a plastic division dedicated to the commercialization and production of a wide range of products such as pipes, fitting and special pieces PVC, HDPE, PPR and CPVC. We have a permanent stock of flat hoses for mortality retriever and spiralled hoses for suction and discharge from “2 and 12” diameter for fish transferring. Diving hoses, water and air transferring. We offer a high quality technical service with high technical quality supplies for markets like farming, construction and industry in general.

  • Piping and HDPE piping
  • Fitting
  • Special pieces
  • Rubber hosesSuction and
  • PVC discharge



Solar beacon signal

 Aquaservice S.A, import directly autonomous solar beacons, which are used to signal salmon farming centres, platforms or naval artefacts. Solar beacons are regulated according to the marine government, flashing in Morse code the “N” letter. In yellow or amber colour we have sold these units for 10 years, with excellent results in aquaculture industry.

Folleto Baliza



Submarine cameras

 Aquaservice S.A fabricates submarine monitoring equipment made to control fish feeding. Technical details:

  • Structure made of Hot dip galvanized steel
  • Monitor and battery housing by thermo formed plastic
  • Electronic system sealed against humidity
  • Camera and feeding connectors fabricated under IP-67 regulation.
  • 30 meters long shielded camera cable
  • Wireless and optical fibre system, high image quality.

Folleto Cámaras Submarinas



 Aquaservice S.A has developed an automated feeder system for any kind of fish. Our feeders are focussed in the aquaculture industry necessities.
Its compact design and wide technical diversity, enable different configuration depending on the level and kind of required production.
Technical details:

  • From 2 kilos to 2.500 kilos hopper
  • Made of aluminium and stainless steel high durability
  • Open software system PLC programming
  • Homogenous and programed food distribution
  • Statistical generator and consumption report system
  • Measure and oxygen control

Folleto Alimentador



Monitoring software-automated and control

 Aquaservice S.A incorporated technology and automated for all equipment, this is why it developed a software known as AquaSoftLine ® which is a monitoring and control online software of the environmental physicochemical parameters and considerations, enabling the control and management in real time in order to automation process which you can add new monitoring modules, register and control, enabling the data analysis for future decisions.

  • Oxygen and salinity level monitoring
  • On line temperature manage and monitoring
  • Dissolved oxygen level monitorin
  • PH water acidity
  • Water level
  • Salinity
  • Ammonia level

Folleto Software Monitoreo


Oxygenation and aeration

 Aquaservice S.A has developed within the salmon cages and fishpond oxygenation and aeration system OXI – SMART. It is a system based on a compact column which guarantees an optimum gas mixture with fluids. It can work with a pressure over 5 bares, the optimum range is between 1 and 2, 5 bar.

Maximum efficiency

Pumped covers design, which enable to improve the oxygen-water mixture yet the 99% of effectiveness, getting an optimum mixture and oxygen save

Smart design

OXI SMART has an automated control system, through an oxygen sensor, which measure the amount of real time PPM or saturation which is installed in the discharge column, optimizing electricity and oxygen. The driver can be individual or in groups, managing a set of columns.
110% configurable

OXI SMART design and construction enables to create a helical flow in the water column that provokes a homogenous oxygen mixture. In this phase the gas is not mixed, it is return to the tower through the “venturi” effect at middle of the equipment optimizing the mixture and decreasing the bubbles sizes. Besides the equipment has a mixture level control, which enables to work with other mixtures as the client requires. It also has control pump system which can be programed to work one continuous pump and the other in bypass en case that the first pump fails.
Salmon cages oxygen system

We fabricate and install oxygen system with micro-porous hoses which is controlled by sensors that regulated automatically the PPM amount required in each cage.

  • Salmon cages
  • Cage-rafts for Sea water or fresh water
  • Aquaculture Ponds



Submarine Photoperiod lights

 Aquaservice S.A fabricates for aquaculture industry photoperiod lights.
We have LED models from 100 watts to 2800 watts, for fish farming and sea salmon cages. We also have Metallic halide till 2000 watts.
These modern submarine lighting system are specially design for aquaculture industry and its necessity. All this equipment are fabricated in different formats according to our client requirements. They have:

  • 5mm thick glass
  • Hermetic coupling between components allows LED panels change
  • Rounded corner glass that deletes shadows and optimized the light distribution
  • Totally sealed submarine cables
  • Thermo- laminated plastic resistant case. Totally sealed
  • We execute the installation and mounting in salmon farming.



Mechanic and hydraulic winches

 Aquaservice S.A fabricates for aquaculture industry and fishery a wide range of winches, different potency and capacity, mechanic or hydraulic.
Driven whether by diesel, gasoline or electric which are used by most of our clients.Our main works are:

  • Salmon farming nets installation or fishing net change.
  • Counterweights movements
  • Fish cages and platforms installation
  • Anchoring relocation service
  • Fishing lines and nets installation

Our equipment is made of galvanized Steel and stainless Steel. We have our own aluminium casting area for different measure winches.



Fiberglass Products

  • Counting tables
  • Ponds Fisheries
  • Fish Transportation Ponds
  • Fiberglass boats
  • Surveillance booths
  • Hatchery trolleys